Many folks are aware of Ice, but are you using it?  USRider and others are advising horse owners of a initiative that has received a lot of publicity – ICE – In Case of Emergency.  This very simple program has been designed to aid emergency responders in identifying victims whose identity is unknown and in determining who needs to be notified.

Program your emergency contact information into your cellular phone and designate it with the acronym ICE.  If your brother John is the person you want to be alerted in the event of an emergency, insert the letter “ICE” before his name in your phone’s address book, creating an entry such as ICE – John followed by the appropriate number.

For those with horses, it’s important to make it easy for first responders to know whom to contact for information on handling your horses.  Program an entry “ICE – Horse” with contact information.  Takes only a minute or two but is priceless in an emergency.

Article copied from Equus Caballus magazine.