It’s Not Rocket Science

‘It’s Not Rocket Science’

Working with horses is not Rocket Science, nope; (But a rocket scientist can learn it) it’s way more. When working with horses we are working with a live, breathing, heart beating, and thinking, fast, quick, huge animal, an animal that can hurt us in a nana second, accidently or on purpose. We won’t even see it coming…

When we are working with horses we have to be vigilant, observant and perceptive to the entire goings on around us. We have to hear the sounds, see the movements that the horse is perceptive to. Become the horse, so-to-speak. It’s not just one thing. We have to be readily alert. But also remain relaxed and calm. That’s hard to do for a lot of us. It is something some are born with and others have to and can learn and develop.

Being around horses requires us to think like the horse but first we need to know how the horse thinks. When we are with horses we have to do our best to be a horse. It is kind of hard to explain what I am talking about; it’s one of those things you have to develop through learning concepts and applying those concepts. It is best to get with someone who can teach us these concepts so we can begin to apply them to our horse. Find a mentor; Instructor/teacher that can articulate why you will do what you are learning. A teacher with the patience to break it down into small pieces so you can put it together as you learn.

Being with horses, it is most important to develop the relationship first. It’s helping the horse to want to be with us. In doing so, correctly, we are beginning to cause the horse to look at us as its safe spot. No matter where we are with the horse, it looks at us as to think; as long as I’m with my handler I am safe, to put it in human terms.. Same as its stall becomes its safe spot, the herd is its safe spot, and the barn is its safe spot. We begin to develop that relational partnership.

No, it’s not Rocket Science; it is way more than that. Why, because we are working with something/animal that is already developed over millions of years. The horse is something we are continually trying to figure out, that is already a being, not something we are building from the beginning.

The workings of a horse are a continuation of learning and patience and also understanding. It takes time and it takes a lot of hands on to keep learning about these wonderful and majestic animals.

As I stated earlier, we need to get with someone that can help get us started on the right track to having success with our horse. Don’t do the wrong things and then have to fix them. Learn first. Even if you don’t have a horse, you can learn with the instructors horse, as we do and teach at K-I-N Stables in Athens, AL.  Everybody learns from someone.. The information is already there.

Nope, Not Rocket Science….it’s more..

Jim Swanner
13124 Carter Road Athens, AL 35611