The mission of the Alabama Horse Council is to proactively protect and promote all horse-related interests and to serve as the voice of the Alabama equine community through education, communication and representation.


The Alabama Horse Council is an organization that impartially represents all of Alabama’s horse industry. Whether you are a weekend pleasure rider, horse breeder, trainer, farrier, veterinarian or feed dealer, you have common interests in horses, their promotion and welfare. On an individual basis each segment of the horse industry has a minor influence on Alabama’s economy and quality of life. However, together the many segments of the horse industry have an estimated $563 million direct effect on Alabama’s economy. An estimated one in four households has a connection to the horse industry. We must join together to enact fair and effective regulation affecting horse use, improve state equestrian facilities, increase public understanding of horses and horse use, and enhance the contribution of horses to the quality of life in Alabama. Regardless of the breed, riding discipline, or segment of the horse industry with which we identify, we must unite to protect our horses and our industry. The Alabama Horse Council will work to accomplish the following goals for Alabama’s horse industry.

  • Unite Alabama’s horse industry so that we speak with one clear voice
  • Serve the common interests of the Alabama horse industry by promoting open communication with outside interests and each other
  • Monitor legislation and administrative decisions that affect Alabama’s horse industry
  • Work with the legislature, state and federal agencies, and the news media to promote informed discussion about issues affecting the horse industry
  • Provide a forum to develop programs and strategies to advance Alabama’s horse industry
  • Develop educational programs, data resources, promotions and networking opportunities for the Alabama horse owners, users and service providers
  • Unite the Alabama horse industry with the American Horse Council in national efforts to protect and promote the horse industry.
  • Promote equine safety and responsible ownership.
  • Support youth development through education and scholarship opportunities.

The Alabama Horse Council is a non-profit organization representing all horse-related interests. It is a proactive group that is as strong as the collective individuals it represents. Protect and promote your interests in horses by joining the Alabama Horse Council TODAY!