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Health Requirements For Travel
Horses, mules and asses may be transported or moved into Alabama when accompanied by an official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection stating that they are apparently free of any contagious, infectious or communicable disease. No certificates will be required on horses or mules of the United States Army.

1. Equine Infectious Anemia

  • A. all equine more than 6 months of age that enter Alabama, except for immediate slaughter, shall be accompanied by evidence of a negative test approved by the State Veterinarian for the detection of equine infectious anemia performed not more than 12 months prior to entry. This information must be recorded on the official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.
  • B. no equidae that react positive to a test for equine infectious anemia shall be imported into Alabama for any purpose, except upon written permission of the State Veterinarian of Alabama, and only then if the animals are branded and moved in accordance with Title 9, Part 75.4(c)(3) of the CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS, and if the animals are maintained in quarantine as set out in the Alabama Animal Industry Regulation No. 5.

All other movements must be under permit from the State Veterinarian.

Disposal of Dead Horses
Owners or custodians of horses that die or are killed in their possession or custody must either burn the body or bury the body at least two feet below the surface of the ground within 24 hours of the animal’s death. No animal shall be burned or buried sufficiently near a residence as to create a nuisance.

Equine Activities Liability Protection Act

This Alabama statute embodies the legislature’s recognition that persons who participate in equine activities may incur injuries as a result of the risks involved in those activities.  This statute provides that for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, and safety, and to encourage equine activities, civil liability of those involved in equine activities is limited by law.  Liability is not limited when the equine sponsor intentionally injures a participant or engages in willful or wanton behavior that causes injury or death.  Participant in an equine activity is defined under the statute as someone who rides or otherwise participates in equine activities.  It does not, however, include being a spectator at an equine activity, except in cases where the spectator places himself or herself in an unauthorized area and in immediate proximity to the equine activity.  Warning signs alerting participants to the inherent risks of equine activities and the limitation of liability for injury are required to be posted at equine facilities.  The signs should be posted as follows:


Under Alabama law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to the Equine Activities Liability Protection Act.

For the complete Statute please click the following link: http://www.animallaw.info/statutes/stusalst6_5_337.htm